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Suddenly getting really obvious 'discover' recommendation


Suddenly getting really obvious 'discover' recommendation

This we I had the following suggestions:


You sexy thing – hot chocolate

Don’t worry be happy – bobby mcferrin

Hooked on a Feeling – Blue Swede, Bjorn Skifs

Brimful of asha – Cornershop

James Brown – I feel good

Kids in America – Kim Wilde

Aretha Franklin – Respect

Wild Thing – the troggs

I want you back – Jackson 5

Mrs Robinson – Simon and Garfunkel


Did someone change the algorythm in the last 12-24 months or have I done something wrong because the suggestions seem to be getting very well known. Some great songs on the list, but if you haven't heard most of these by now you have not been exposed to a lot of music. Previously I may have known 1-3 of the suggested songs.

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