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Win a Philips Fidelio Wireless Hi-Fi

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Winning is as simple as one, two, three

  1. Reply to this post and tell us why you are the biggest Spotify fan
  2. send us an email and tell us your top three Spotify X-Mas tunes
  3. In that email tell us your community user name and email address




Also, don't miss out more on even chances to win, in the Spotify contest here!

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Only available for people living in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, UK, France.
No purchase necessary. Only entries submitted before Monday, January 7, 2013 @ 11AM CET will be considered.
By entering in this contest you agree that you have read and accepted the Terms and Conditions, are over 18 or have your legal guardian's approval, and live in one of the following countries: Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, UK, France.
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34 Replies

I am spotifys biggest fan because there is not a time of the day when I am not logged in and listening, and even though I have started eating into my overdraft I still signed up for Premium.... Probably a bad idea in the long run but i dont regret it! ...yet.

Why am I the biggest Spotify fan? I tell everyone I run into, who has a passion for music, about Spotify. I tell them how you can listen to all your favorite artists and even discover new ones. You can listen to an album in it's entirety before making the decision to buy the CD, record, or digital copy. I tell them about the paid subscription giving you unlimited listening hours. It is cheaper than other services and with the desktop software you can organize your digital music library. You can also share your favorite tracks an albums to your social media accounts. I am in love with this service and am it's biggest fan.



I'm biggest Spotify fan!!!


There is no way that I'm not real fan.


I enjoy helping in Community, I listen Spotify all day every day and I just love music!!!


I must say SPOTIFY is really cool service. I have also Spotify goodies so I advertise Spotify to everyone this way.


Please give me better music with this awesome Philips Wifi network music system.


I love you guys at Spotify!


Choose me to win, you won't be disappointed.

Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow! - Frank Sinatra
Why not? It's the most "christmas-y" song I know of. As soon as you hear it you know that christmas is just around the bend. The fact that you can hear it in almost every christmas movie really helps, too! It's a classic, it's cheery, it's smooth and it's just... Sinatra. I can't imagine a the winter holidays without it.

I'm the biggest spotify fan because it's green, for the environment, Spotify is making the life easy and Spotify is so fast.





For me, Spotify has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. I spend hours, every day, listening to all the music that you have to offer. Spotify offers the best and easiest way to discover old and new artists all over the world.

 I am your biggest fan ever, like ever..!

 With that, I wish the Spotify crew a beautiful Holiday and a Happy New year.


Love. Victor

I am the biggest Spotify fan, after recently discovering the ease and ability to listen to my music, share with others and posting on Fb, twitter, or personally email others, including apps with the lyrics..Oh Yeah!! I LOOOOOVE MUSIC! This is what's up! 4Real!


My 3 favorite Christmas songs are Santa Baby, This Christmas, Silent Night


Malinda Tuoto Bidinger


b/c you've got that lovely feeling

I use Spotify and follow you since the first days, always talk about it and its avantages and how it changed my musical life!

whitey - stay on the outside

i've been rockin spotify since landing on the US shore and rock out to music for about 7hrs a day

~ Rockin The Suburbs ~

Share your music with your friends. This is great!

I am the biggest Spotify fan because I use it almost all day every day without fail, to listen, share and enjoy new and old music in my collections. I think Spotify do an excellent job at providing this service, and I'm greatful for the part of the team I feel like on the community 🙂 



Spotify Community Mentor and Troubleshooter

Spotify Last.FM Twitter LinkedIn Meet Peter Rock Star Jam 2014

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Many of us were using some kind of music service before Spotify. What made me a full supporter of Spotify was:

- biggest selection of songs

- apps that help me find new AND old music favorites

- compatibility to many players

... and a great community with fantastic playlists


So you want to now three of my currernt favorite Christmas songs? I won't mention the clasic american movie 50's songs and jazz standards we all know. I very much like rock singers that play tunes like these:


Bob Dylan – It Must Be Santa

Pearl Jam – Let Me Sleep (It's Christmas Time)

Blues Traveler – Christmas

If hpguru doesn't "win"...



I've had Spotify seince 3 years back. I thought from the beginning that this was the future.

And it is, I don't need to download any more. I tried many other things on internet, for exampel iTunes.

But nothing kept my mood up.

Without music, I would be another person, a person that have no reson to go up from the bed and away to work.

Spotify makes it possible to regain the happiness in the daily life.

Right now I live in Thailand, I do some volunteer work for a coulpe of months. And I meet people from Finland England Australia New Zealand France Thailand Japan Phililines Chile America and lots of other small countries.

I myself is from Sweden.

People don't know about Spotify, only Scandinavians knows. I guess Spotify have not yet come to be popular in those countries. But don't worrie! I went around to everybody and asked if they knows about it, and then I show them and say to them, "Pick your favorite song, ANY song and I bet it will be here". Nobody belives me. And they say "If that would be true, It would be too good".

My smile gets bigger every time they say that. And then I tell them that it is true, and I only pay 100kr per mounth.

They have hard to belive that too. But after a week or so ( when I borrowed out my account for them to test) They started to belive, and even made playlists whith their music.

Everytime I tell people about Spotify I feel good because it is about helping other people to enjoy life. I really enjoy that.

So I aslo want Spotify to reach out to people in the world. Because the download of music ilegaly is becoming bigger, And Spotify is a great solution.

Friends of mine lives in Australia, New Zealand,America and Canada that I felt that they really appreciate Spotify.

So I try to make Spotify known to my friends and I give out my account so they all can try.

They all become even more happy when I show them the Offline lists!


And I am so happy that Spotify have such a good quality on the tracks. I own headphones that is called "Bose On Ear"

That kind of headphones and Spotify makes a unbelivble good sound and a great experience.


Keep up the good work! Thanks for fixing Metallica on Spotify! Best thing that happend on Spotify!


Thank you Spotify That you make my life pleasurable.




Mathias ( Spotify:user:Mathewdekonig )



í am a spotify fan because:


it's satifies my craving for new music from( to me) unknown artists ( I discovered labyrinth on spotify for example)

i'ts satifies my  guilty pleasures ( Abba do i need to say more :-)) )

I'ts satifies my curiosity ( now while lying lazy on the couch i can take a peak on my frends music preferences how cool is that)

I'ts satifies my cheezy  need to hear xmis songs at this time of the year here we go people and please be kind after all i'm allmost fifty its my prerogative to listen to bad xmas songs: so  here we go:


1 last xmas Wham

2 So here it is merry xmas every body is having fun Slade

3 all iwant for x mas  Mariah Carey.


Thats it.

I wish everybody a very happy new year and since its hard to make money these day's lets make lots of love and fun.

Try to laugh out loud as much as possible in 2013.






I JUST LOVE Sportyfy ! Its better than Itunes...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It goes quick with the downloads...its so wonderfull that I have found so MANY oldies and new oldies and the Best...TAKE THE MUSIC WITH YOU EVERYWHERE !!! I had a party and asked people to bring thier music with them....NO was just so easy to Syncronize peoples playlist or the EXCACT song, that they wanted to be played !!! Its the best Sound as well....I have ever had in my Ears !!! This is the best invention since APPLES´ ITUNES !!!!! I congratulate SPORTYFY !!!!

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