How can I organize and discover music in Spotify?




This is all down to personal preferences. But with this Answer, hopefully you'll find the best ways that suit you to organize your music and to discover new tunes.


Save to Your Library 


  • Your Library is one of your best friends in Spotify. You can save full albums and songs, which appear under seperate menus in the Library. The more songs saved in Your Library and playlists, the more personal recommendations you'll get in your Discover Weekly and Discover Section.

Use the Browse section 


  • The Browse section is all about new discoveries. You'll find recommended playlists from Spotify, Genres & Moods, Charts, New Releases, Discover (personal recommendations chosen just for you) and Concerts coming to your region.



  • Spotify Radio lets you sit back and listen to music you love. The more you personalize the stations to match your tastes, the better they get.
  • You can either choose a genre for Radio or create your own station. You'll see buttons for heart and ban, which can help make your station more personalized. You can follow stations to save them in your "Stations" library.

    You can also start Radio stations from any song, album, artist, or playlist. Just right-click, and select Start Song/Album/Artist/Playlist Radio.



  • Folders are the perfect way to organize multiple playlists. You can even shuffle all the playlists which are in the folder by just tapping Play (Desktop). 
  • To create folders on a desktop, right-click somewhere in your playlists, and tap 'Create Folder'.   


Screen Shot 2018-07-11 at 16.44.29.png



Create playlists


  • Playlists are a great way to save your favorite tracks. You'll also see top track recommendations at the bottom of your playlists to add more. The number of recommendations can vary, depending on how much variety of styles you have in your playlist.

    Note: Try to give your playlists clear descriptive names, like Hip-Hop Jams, Chill, Portuguese Progressive Jazz Rock Fusion, etc.


Create playlists with friends (Collaborative playlists)


  • Team up to make the ultimate playlist! Just set any playlist to Collaborative and your friends will be able to add, delete, and reorder the tracks. They should be able to suggest some great new tracks.


Your personal playlists created by Spotify:


  • Discover Weekly: Top recommendations chosen just for you, based on your listening activity and saved songs from 'Your Music' and playlists. 
  • Release Radar: New releases from your followed artists and new recommendations.
  • Your Daily Mix: Mixes based on your most-listened tracks and new recommendations based on your listening activity.

Happy listening!


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