How do I check the ranking of an artist?






You can easily see the rank of artist in the app with a few simple steps.


On desktop:


1. Look up an artist in the Search bar and open their profile

halsey one.JPG



2. Go to the About section:




3. Scroll down until you reach the number of monthly listeners and the artist's rank:halsey 3.JPG




Similar steps apply for the mobile version:

  1. Look up the artist and open their profile
  2. Since there are no separate tabs here, just scroll down until you reach the About section. If the artist is ranked, you'll see their rank in the white circle next on the top right of their picture



Q: How many artists are ranked?

A: The rankings go up to 500 but there isn't a place in the app where all artists are listed in order.


Q: Do you have a similar ranking but for songs?

A: We do have charts under Browse > Charts, and those show the current top and viral 50 songs in the world and by regions. You can also check out this nifty page for more info.



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