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How do I embed music in the Community?




Here are instructions for including playlists, albums and tracks in the Community.


You can either just paste the link (HTTPS address) anywhere in your post or follow the steps below to insert a Spotify URI (See here how to get it):


  1. Go to your Community post
  2. Click the Insert/edit link button
  3. Paste the Spotify URI 
    Optional: If you add ":small" at the end, it will make it a smaller version
  4. Click OK


Tip: You can also use the URL of a track instead of the URI for the steps shown!

Just make sure to delete the bit of the link with that comes with a question mark character. You can type :small there instead. 


Linking to something on Spotify in the form of Text


If you'd like to link text to something on Spotify without having it turn into a embed, just add '&nonconvert' to the URL when editing the link.

Example: Check out this song.



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