How do I get a gift card?



A Spotify gift card is a physical card in 1, 3, 6, and 12-month values that you can buy from leading electronic and retail stores, which allows you to pay for an existing Premium Individual subscription or upgrade from a free account.


A few things to keep in mind before purchasing a gift card:

  • You can’t apply a gift card on discounted plans like Premium Student, Premium Family, Premium Duo, or trial offers.
  • There is an 18-months limit to the amount of Premium months you can stack up at one time.
  • The country in your account needs to match the one you've obtained the code from. A gift card bought in the US can not be redeemed on an account based in the UK.
  • If you bought your gift card from a retail store, it needs to be activated by the cashier.

Redeeming your gift card


Once you've obtained a gift card, gently scratch off the PIN code from the back, go to and enter it. Make sure you're logged in the right account and that you're entering the correct code (e.g. a zero looks like a capital ‘O’, or a capital ‘I’ looks like a one).


The gift card starts on your plan’s next payment date - or immediately if you’ve upgraded from a free account. You can see your remaining Premium time from your account page under Your plan. Your payments continue normally after the full gift card amount is spent.


Gift card Terms & Conditions can be found here.


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