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I created a new account. Can I transfer my playlists, saved music and followers?





If you've created a new account and want to transfer your music and followers, here's how.


Playlists and saved music


  1. Make sure all your playlists in your old account are set to Public and have been added to your profile with these steps. You can also make a playlist called Your Music and copy all your saved songs there (for Windows, press Ctrl + a and for Mac, press Cmnd + a) while in the 'Songs' section and drag them to the new playlist).
  2. Once you've confirmed all your playlists are public, log out of your old account.
  3. For the next steps, we'd recommend using a desktop device: Log in to your new account and search for your old account's profile. You can do so by typing spotify:user:username in the search bar (you need to replace username with your old account's username), or searching for the Facebook name if the account is connected to Facebook.
    If you're having difficulties finding it, you can get your profile link while logged in on the old account. Right click your name while on your profile page > Copy Link to profile. You can paste this in the search bar while on the new account and press Enter to load your old profile.
  4. Once you've located your old account's profile page, head to the tab Public Playlists. All your playlists should be displayed there.
  5. Click on a playlist.
  6. Once you've opened that playlist, select all the songs contained in it.
  7. Right-click the selected songs and click Add to Playlist > New Playlist.  This step will create a new playlist to your new account containing the same songs. You can name the playlist the same name it had on the old account if you wish, or give it a different one.
  8. Repeat for all your playlists.




Now when you're logged in on the new account:

  1. Find the old account again (check out step 3 above). 
  2. Tap the 'Followers' tab and then hit 'Follow' on all the artists and friends you wish to follow with the new account.

Keep in mind that your followers need to follow you back on the new account to see your activity.



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