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Private Messenger on the Spotify Community - what is it and how can I activate it?


Besides posting on the public boards to find solutions and discuss various topics with others, the Spotify Community allows you to send private messages to other users, that only you can read.


The moderator team will also often try and use PMs if they need to get in touch with you personally.


This feature is disabled by default. If you are over 18 years of age and would like to enable it, so you can send and receive messages either from other users or staff, follow the steps below.


  1. Click on your profile name on the top right of the page to bring up various account links. If messages are disabled, you should see an exclamation mark next to the "mail" icon

  2. Click on the icon to be taken directly to the Private Messenger settings.
  3. You will see a disclaimer with some information on the feature.

    5.  If you're 18 years or over, you can choose Accept and then Confirm.



Private messages will then be enabled and clicking on the mailbox icon will instead lead you to your inbox where you can read, reply and send PMs.


If you ever change your mind and want to disable the feature, you can do so from you Community account settings. The steps are basically the same as with enabling.

Click on your profile name > My Settings > Personal > Private Messenger > Decline > Confirm.


If you have other questions about the Private Messenger function, feel free to create a new thread in the Help Boards.