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What happened to Spotify Stations?


Spotify Stations is an application that has been beta testing since March 2018. It has helped Spotify shape listening experiences for the future, but now it's time to shut down the app.

Spotify Stations is going to be deprecated for mobile applications (iOS and Android) and the web player on May 16th. This change will affect all Stations users in the countries where it was available (the United States and Australia). 


Users will receive an email to let them know about the app sunsetting. Following that email, there will be instructions on how to move stations over to the Spotify app to easily continue enjoying music.

In the meantime, check out the Spotify Radio feature in the Spotify app, to create a station with a collection of songs based on any artist, album, playlist, or song. It can provide a similar hands-off listening experience that is definitely worth the try.


Questions & Answers


Q: Who will be affected by this change?

A: All users from countries where Spotify Stations was made available will be affected. They will no longer be able to access either Spotify Stations mobile application or web player.


Q: When will Spotify Stations be shut down?

A: Spotify Stations will be deprecated on May 16th, 2022.


Q: What will happen to my favorite stations?

A: Spotify is releasing a transferring tool that allows you to migrate your favorite stations to Your Library on the Spotify application and easily continue listening to your favorite music.


Q: What is Spotify Radio and how does it work?

A: Spotify Radio is a perfect tool to get access to a big collection of songs based on any artist, album, playlist, or song. It's similar to Spotify Stations, where you can enjoy the experience of creating and listening to different radio stations on Spotify.


If you need more information about this change or if you have any related questions, feel free to reach out on the Help board