What's different about Spotify's free experience on mobile?




Spotify recently rolled out a new free version for mobile devices.


It includes several new features which are different to the previous version, and we thought it might be useful to highlight some, so that users can be more aware.




As users listen, they can tap the ♥ or 🚫 icons so Spotify can make sure they see and hear more of the things they like, and less of the things they don’t.


Clicking ♥ adds the song to your "Favorite Songs" playlist under the Playlists tab in Your Library. Clicking 🚫 blocks the song from ever playing again.




You can un-block any song you’ve blocked by going to the “Hidden” folder, which you can find when you scroll to the very bottom of your Playlists tab in Your Library.


Creating Personal Playlists


It’s now even easier to create and edit a playlist with Spotify Free. Users can give their playlist a name, choose a few tracks, and Spotify will continue to recommend similar songs for them to add. There's no song minimum when creating playlists.


Note: Playlists you create for yourself will play in shuffle mode.


If you have less than 15 songs in your Favorite Songs, we'll add more. You'll see a message telling you that the extra songs were added by us, but that they can be replaced by adding more songs.


Pick and Play Playlists

Pick and Play playlists allow users to pick and play any track, whenever they want, just like Spotify Premium. No more waiting for shuffle to hear your favorites! 


These playlists can be found under Home > Made For You/Recommended For You. Spotify free users will have access to 15 Pick and Play playlists, where they choose and play any track on those playlists.


Pick and Play playlists will include some of the most popular curated playlists on Spotify, such as Today’s Top Hits and RapCaviar, as well as personalized playlists like Daily Mix, Discover Weekly and Release Radar. Users cannot choose which playlists are Pick and Play, but Spotify will include a few editorial playlists that align with the user’s taste.


You can skip tracks 6 times every hour. If you hit the limit, we’ll let you know in-app, and you can skip again after waiting one hour. The skip limit applies to regular, non-Pick and Play playlists. Remember, with Pick and Play playlists you can play or skip a track as many times as you like! User-created playlists will play in shuffle mode.


Non-Pick and Play playlists are marked with a blue shuffle symbol. This symbol is not present on Pick and Play playlists. 



Things you can do on free Things you can’t do on free Things you can only do on Premium


  • Skip and select songs on Pick and Play playlists. This includes a selection of 15 playlists chosen by Spotify based on your likes, as well as personalized playlists, including Daily Mix, Discover Weekly and Release Radar.
  • Skip ads
  • Skip a track more than 6 times in an hour in a non-Pick and Play playlist
  • Listen to an album in full: you can only listen to a playlist based on an album, or add individual tracks from an album to a playlist
  • Skip tracks as much as you like
  • Listen to your music in any order you like
  • Search for and follow your friends
  • Listen to Spotify Radio
  • Add local files



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