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Your 2022 Wrapped FAQ


A brief history of sound streaming




The year was 1864 and James Clerk Maxwell decided to drop the coolest scientific single titled  "A dynamical theory of the electromagnetic field", laying the groundwork of electromagnetic waves propagation through free space.


In 1888 Heinrich Rudolf Hertz proved in an experiment the ability to transmit airborne electromagnetic waves.


In 2022 Spotify prepared yet another Wrapped just for you!


We all stand on the shoulders of giants surrounded by epic background music. Let's dive right in and find out how our past year of enjoying electromagnetic waves turned into air vibrations looked like. Here we have prepared a list of the most frequently asked questions about the Wrapped experience, which we will be updating with new entries as questions arise.


Make sure you're on the latest version of the mobile app to see all the cool stuff!

Notice: The campaign is coming to a close, folks!
After January 13 will be redirecting you to your Top Songs of 2022 playlist instead 


1. Where can I find my 2022 Wrapped?

- You can find your Wrapped on your Spotify mobile app, with multiple banners, tiles and categories in the Home and Search sections, so it should be easy to spot.

- You can also find it manually by navigating to:

Search → 2022 Wrapped Hub Tile → 2022 Wrapped Hub → Wrapped entry point → 2022 Wrapped Data Stories

Search → Type ‘spotify:datastories:wrapped’ into search bar → 2022 Wrapped Data Stories

Search → Type ‘2022 Wrapped’ into search bar → 2022 Wrapped Hub → 2022 Wrapped Data Stories

Tip: After the campaign ends on January 13, will redirect you to your Top Songs of 2022 playlist instead of the Wrapped Hub.

2. What are the requirements to get a personalized 2022 Wrapped?

- You'll have to be a registered user with either a free or a Premium account and have streamed at least 30 tracks for over 30 seconds each, from 5 unique artists.
- If you're using an Android device, the Android version should be above 7.6.0
- The Spotify version installed on your device should be at least 8.7.78
- Keep in mind that not all markets will have all features of the Wrapped experience due to varying criteria.
- If you didn’t listen to Spotify during this period, you can still check out for this year’s local and global  highlights in audio.

3. What should I do if my stories skip through slides (Android)?

- This can happen based on some of your Android settings that influence animations. The settings are located in different places depending on your specific device, but try searching for "animation" in your Settings app and configure as follows:
1. Animation duration scale should be set to at least .5x. Try higher values as well. 
2. Remove Animations should be toggled OFF
3. In addition any Battery Saving mode should be set to OFF, as battery saving can influence the behavior in an effort to save battery.

You can check out this thread as well, where we have gathered steps to change those settings for different Android ROMs.

4. Can I share the Your Top Songs 2022 playlist?

- Yes, you can share a link to the playlist, but the shared link will always redirect users to their own personalized Top Songs playlist (if eligible) or Wrapped hub (if ineligible). However, you can share a version of your top songs playlist  if you make a copy of your playlist. Find out more about it, including how to share the songs, here.

5. Can I share my Wrapped stories?

- Yes, you can share a link to the data stories and individual image screens from your own personalized data story through the data story share menu, but the shared link will always redirect users to their own personalized data story (if eligible) or Wrapped hub (if ineligible).

6. Is my ‘Your Top Songs Of 2022’ playlist in order of what I listened to most?

- Yes, for the most part your playlist is ordered by the songs you played most frequently to least frequently.

7. How are my most listened to songs and artists ranked?


- The rankings are based on a combination of the number of plays and the unique number of days you listened to them:

- The top 5 songs and top 5 artists are based on playcount.

- The ranking of the top 101 songs playlist is initially sorted by playcount, but after track 5, we apply some artist separation so it's not a direct reflection of playcount.

8. Will the playlists disappear at some point?

- To ensure you don’t lose your Wrapped playlists and are always able to find them, you can heart/like or follow them to save them to Your Library. They’ll then be safely stored there in the Playlists section for you to revisit at your leisure.

9. What is Audio Day? How is this calculated? Why don't I have it?

- Audio Day is a reflection of how your music taste evolves throughout the day, split into three day parts (morning, afternoon, evening)

You’re eligible for Audio Day if you have:

  • At least 1 descriptor in each part of the day 
  • A max of 2 overlapping descriptors
  • At least 2 unique descriptors across all day parts

10. Do Private Session and offline listens count?

- Offline listens count across the board. 
- Private Session listens don't count for charts and songs, but do count for minutes listened.

11. If I mark an artist as ‘Don’t play this artist?’ Will they still appear in my Wrapped?

- Yes, the artist will still appear in your 2022 Wrapped.

12. Is Wrapped available on the Lite app?


- Wrapped isn’t available on Spotify Lite, but you can check out the global Wrapped experience at

13. Can I view Wrapped offline in the app?

 - No, Wrapped is just available if you're online (wifi or cellular).

14. Why didn't I get an email for Wrapped?

- You need to have been opted into Product News in your notifications settings before December 1st. But don’t worry, you can still find Wrapped in the Spotify app on your phone (in Search) or at

15. Does podcast listening time count towards the total listened time?

- Yes. Total minutes = music + podcasts.

16. Is there a criteria for getting podcasts in my Wrapped?

- Yes, if you listened to at least 3 podcast shows with a min of 3 or more unique episodes streamed on 3 or more distinct days, you’ll be eligible for at least 1 podcast story.