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48 hour mobile trial vs. 30 day computer trial

Hi Spotify community!

Loving the Spotify experience! It truly is a remarkable idea!

There is just one problem I have encountered in the three days I have been using the Spotify service. I downloaded both the iOS app and the desktop application at roughly the same time. I enjoyed having a free trial of the Spotify Premium service up until now on both devices very much.

However, there appears to be an inconsistency between the mobile free trial (48 hrs) and the desktop one (30 days). Having read a number of posts on the community already on this topic, it would seem that to gain the full 30 day trial on the mobile app, one must first enter their bank details. If this could be clarified, it would be much appreciated.

As i said, Spotify is a great idea but if one standard length of trial period could be applied over all its variants, it would make a huge difference in my opinion.

Cheers in advance.
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Re: 48 hour mobile trial vs. 30 day computer trial

There's no difference between the trials between apps. The only differences are


48 hour trial without credit card info.

30 day trial with credit card info.

Music Lover
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Re: 48 hour mobile trial vs. 30 day computer trial

Thanks for clearing that up. When I was using Spotify on the PC, it was displaying that I had a 30 day trial despite not putting in any card details but on my iPod it was saying I only had 48 hours. Now having had a chance to check Spotify on the PC on the morning of the third day of my account's existance, I can confirm that both applications have now downgraded to 'Free'.


Not for long however!


Thank you for the assistance. 


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