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Being charged after turning automatic renewal off!!

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As soon as I signed up for my free trial it informed me that it would automatically renew at the end of the month unless I shut that feature off. IMMEDAIATELY I turned off my automatical renewing, it even asked me to confirm that's what I wanted to do and showed me a page saying the change was successful. However, I have now been charged and assessed $75 worth of overdraft charges because of Spotify's faulty framework. Furthermore, I am extremely frustrated that there is no way to directly conctact costumer service in order to resolved this. I am requsting that this charge gets reversed as it was made as a failure on Spotify's behalf. I filled out the contact form, but the overdraft fee will keep building the longer it takes for someone to contact me. I have looked around on the boards and this appears to be a common problem that should be looked into and fixed as soon as possible.

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Re: Being charged after turning automatic renewal off!!

Hi samsam17 - Our payments team will need to take a look at your case via the contact form. 


I can confirm your case has gone through successfully. We try our best respond to everyone within 24 hours--please keep an eye on your inbox for us. 


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