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Can people see your iTunes library on Spotify?

In Spotify preferences there's an area that says 'Local Files'.  Under 'Show tracks from these sources:', the option iTunes was checked. Does that mean that people can see my iTunes music? Or does that mean that iTunes shows up in my own Spotify? I'm so confused about all of these privacy settings.  Thanks!

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Re: Can people see your iTunes library on Spotify?

it means that iTunes shows up in your own Spotify.

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Re: Can people see your iTunes library on Spotify?

Yes Michael is totally correct here, those local files will be imported into your Spotify client for your usage only (since letting someone else play them would be a copyright issue).


The only way people would be able to see those tracks (but not play them) is if you add them to a public playlist, in that case the track names would appear, but they would only be playable to you, unless Spotify also has the song in its catalogue. 



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