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Change login from Facebook-login to Spotify-login

Can somebody help me.... I have tried to get in contact with Spotify with no success - even though they promise a personal answer to your contact, I just receive an automatic reply suggestion that I seek the solution to my problem on FAQ, but I can't find the answer. My question is:


When I created an account, I said yes to login with my Facebook Account. I want to change that, so that I login with Spotify Account - NOT involving Facebook at all. It is impossible for me to find information about how to change this. If I try to reset my password, I get the message, that I use Facebook login, and need to change my Facebook password - and that is absolutely not what I want. Please help me!!


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Re: Change login from Facebook-login to Spotify-login

Hi there, and welcome to the community!


I'm afraid there is no way to change your account type. The only way to do this would be to create a new account using a spotify username.


You can then ask customer services to import your subscription and/or playlists. You can get in touch with customer services using the Support Form.




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