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How do I keep Spotify in Egypt?

Hi guys!



I'm moving to Egypt and I don't want to lose my Spotify!! I'm signed up for it via my Swedish Spotify thingy - can I keep it and have the subscription paid automatically via Paypal and KEEP LISTENING in Cairo via my internet connection there?

Million gazillion thanks in advance! 

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Re: How do I keep Spotify in Egypt?

MsBlunk - Yes you can! Just keep your subscription linked to your Swedish payment card, and your Spotify should work nicely.

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Re: How do I keep Spotify in Egypt?



i'm staying in hurgada, egypt, and the only option i get in my profile in the field of country is spain and my account is not working. how can i do it?


thanks a lot!

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Re: How do I keep Spotify in Egypt?

You need a subscription to use spotify after 14 days. As long as you have an active subscription, you can listen to spotify in any country, even those where spotify isn't available.

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