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How to delete account and subscription ?

Spotify is completely outrageous right now. I have been trying to get into my original account for the past 24 hours, they completely locked me out of my account with the error 410. I've tried all solutions and nothing and then when I tried to reopen my account through facebook, they completely made me a new account. My original account was premium. All I want to know is how to delete all the accounts and cancel the subscription. I am tired of Spotify, they have not very good customer support. To me, they are completely useless. 

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Re: How to delete account and subscription ?

Hi there. We can look into this for you. The best way to get help here is to send our team an email. Please include your original username or email address used to register from

If someone doesn't get in touch soon, just let us know the case number you received and we'll make sure you get help.

Check out how we're doing: @SpotifyStatus

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