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Radio - Thumbs up and down



I always use Spotify Radio during working hours. Does anyone know how you can ban bands from showing up even if you have given a thumbs down. For example my "Rock" station continues to play Nickelback every 6-7 songs even though I have given them thumbs down every time.


/ Erik

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Re: Radio - Thumbs up and down

Unfortunately there is no way to ban a band, thumbing them down is the best we can do at the minute (even though it doesn't really seem to work most of the time!).



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Re: Radio - Thumbs up and down

OK, too bad


Thanks anyhow for your quick reply


/ E

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Re: Radio - Thumbs up and down

I have a related question- I continue to thumbs down a specific track that continues to appear in different playlists etc. For example, even though I make the effort, in a day's work I hear the song "Happy" at least four times across various playlists. 


This is an improvement request- the radio stations are good, but they are not good at learning. 

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Re: Radio - Thumbs up and down

buuuuut nickelback plays so much. you cant let them pay you off to play their songs more often!!! in all my rock playlists they play so much its appears to be far more common than just coincidence. im a paying subscriber and this is the only issue I have had with spotify. plz no more nickelback. make the thumbs down mean something or stop giving special treatment to nickelback plzplzplz

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