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Spotify Gift Cards?

How in the heck do I buy someone a Spotify sub for a gift?  I have never tried so hard to give someone my money!  It says I cannot get one since I am in the US? 

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Re: Spotify Gift Cards?

Hey, right now e-cards aren't available in the US.

Hopefully we'll be able to introduce something in the future though.
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Re: Spotify Gift Cards?

Alright.  Thanks.  Let me know when you're ready to take more of my money!

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Re: Spotify Gift Cards?

Seriously, this is rediculous.  Just to give you a little example of how this affects your business model, I have a family of tech-inept, music-loving iPhone users that continually marvel at the wonders of Spotify every time they get their hands on my phone. However, they are currently incapable of registering for and setting up Spotify on their iPhones and DLNA devices, given that technology scares them.  Until they have been gifted their own Spotify account (and, therefore, cannot live without it) by someone such as myself, they will be nothing more than unrealized, potential revenue streams yearning for the exact service that you offer, yet shackled to the iTunes Store pay-per-song theivery to which they have become accustomed.  While speculation abounds as to the reasons for Spoltify prohibiting gift cards in the US, I sincerely hope that they rethink this asinine prohibition and allow me to give my technologically-challenged, music-loving family the gift of Spotify.  While the $400+ dollars I want to pay you to give my family members a year's worth of your otherwise-awsome serivce may have little to no impact on your bottom line in the short term, there is no other way that you are going to reach this particular type of long-term, steady and nearly-dependent clientele. While Spotify is the best around to date, it is a service that can be easily replicated by numerous interested parties, including, potentially, the content owners themselves.  Ubiquity is your only solid play here.   Let me put it this way.... Most of my family members still use their AOL email accounts from a decade ago as their primary personal email address.  My parents actually paid for AOL service for a year after they got a dedicated broadband connection because they were accustomed to AOL.  It is really a no-brainer.  Whatever perceived short-term legal or economic exposure risks there may be, restricting one of the most effective means of spreading your product virally to steady clientele you would never otherwise be able to engage seems like a receipe for long-term failure.... But what do I know.

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Re: Spotify Gift Cards?

If your family is too tech-inept to be able download an app and sign up for a free trial, followed by entering some payment information, I don't see how giving them a gift-card will solve this - they'll still need to download the app and create an account, but with the added complexity of entering the voucher details. Yes, not having gift-cards available for all to buy is a cause for complaint, but there's no need to blow it out of all proportion.
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Re: Spotify Gift Cards?

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E-Cards are now available in the US. Check right here

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Re: Spotify Gift Cards?

If I purchase a gift card - can they use it to get unlimited or is only for premium?

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Re: Spotify Gift Cards?



The gift cards are only for premium at this time. 

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Re: Spotify Gift Cards?

While I know this thread is mostly US users, I just want to note the difference between gift cards and e-cards for all other users. 


Our online e-cards can only be redeemed for Premium--@mattjsrules is absolutely right. 


However, in-store gift cards are also available in a few Spotify countries. These can be redeemed for either Unlimited or Premium. 


You can click here to see if these gift cards are available in a store near you:

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Re: Spotify Gift Cards?

when are they available in germany ?? ;)

would be great if you can say me what is going on in germany with the git cards ;) 

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