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Bluetooth is turned on and adding a song to a playlist restarts Spotify

Ok, so on my HTC Thunderbolt, whenever I have the bluetooth on (whether it is connected to my Motorola S10-HD bluethooth headphones or NOT) Spotify will crash and restart if I add a song to a playlist.


This is super annoying.


I've cleared the cache and reinstalled Spotify, no effect.


I've cleared the cache, uninstalled Spotify, restarted the phone (by taking the battery out), reinstalled Spotify and still no change.


I've tried it without the bluetooth on, everything works fine.


Now for the weird thing . . . my wife's HTC Thunderbolt does NOT do the same thing.  It doesn't matter if the bluetooth is on or not!  Hers works just fine and will not restart after adding a song to a playlist.


Someone help!  This is so annoying when I'm listening to my music on my headphones and I want to search for and add a song, the app restarts a few seconds later!




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