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Crashing on HTC Desire Z

I have just upgraded to spotify premium and downloaded the spotify app to my HTC Desire Z. However when tapping on the icon I get just a black screen and then it crashes back to homescreen. I have tried reinstalling.

Any suggestions? It's disappointing to say the least.

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Re: Crashing on HTC Desire Z

Your handset is in the supported list. Is it unrooted though and running the stock ROM?

Try uninstalling it, rebooting the phone and reinstalling from the Market. If that doesn't work, uninstall again and try installing the version at

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Re: Crashing on HTC Desire Z

Yeah it's stock, not rooted or modded in any way. I have tried rebooting the handset and no change. Looks like I'll have to try a factory reset and see what happens

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Re: Crashing on HTC Desire Z

Similar thing is happening to me.. only it is local content that crashes spotify on HTC Desire.


It used to work last week with local content on HTC, but all of a sudden I cant play local content.

Works fine on PC, and iPad though...

All other music - standard Spotify content is also playing.


Have rebooted phone, set the content as not available offline, and reset content as offline.. no joy...

Any ideas anyone - Spotify?


ps, I only have a few local content music files... so would like get them playing on HTC mobile.. they drive my car audio ;)

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Re: Crashing on HTC Desire Z

I was having a similar problem on my girlfriends handset. Turned out she had droppped it causing the sd card to come loose inside.

SD card re-inserted and hey presto!
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