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Spotify Offline Mode - How does it work?

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I am planning to buy Spotify Premium in order to be able to listen to Spotify on my Android device. Before I do so, I have some questions I didn't find the answers for (yet).

1) When I've downloaded a playlist for offline mode, does it use my Internet connection for playing the playlist while being in online mode? In other words: Can I use offline playlists in online mode?

2) If I search for a specific album in Spotify (which I actually have in one of my offline playlists), does it stream from the Internet or use the offline playlist to play the songs?

3) If I have the same song in two different playlists I want to download, does it store the song on my device twice or just once? Does Spotify download each song individually or just the playlist in one file?

4) How much space does a 3-minute song downloaded for offline mode approximately use on my device?

EDIT: found the answer:

Quality 96 kbps => 0.72 MB per minute.
Quality 160 kbps => 1.2 MB per minute.
Quality 320 kbps => 2.4 MB per minute.

I hope you can help me and thanks in advance


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Re: Spotify Offline Mode - How does it work?

Hey there, welcome to the Community. Some answers:


1) It shouldn't do but there have been some reports of Spotify using data when it shouldn't. We'd recommend putting either your phone into Airplane mode or head into Spotify's Settings page and select Offline Mode.


2) Again, it should use your offline playlist if it's exactly the same version of the song. Most tracks in Spotify will have more than one version so you'd need to double-check you're searching the same album as in your playlists.


3) If it's the same version of the song it'll only count once no matter how many playlists you have it in. So if you have a one-minute track synced at 96 kbps, it'll take up 0.72MB whether you have it in one playlist or five.


Hope that helps! :-)


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Re: Spotify Offline Mode - How does it work?

Thanks, you really helped me. The thing I don't like about offline mode is that you can't use the search feature, but I'll need to use offline playlists because I don't have an unlimited data plan. So I'm glad it works as I expected it to. I'm aware of the different song versions, but thanks for mentioning it. Have a nice day!



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Re: Spotify Offline Mode - How does it work?

Hi Adam or other experts:-)


Like Simon, I'm thinking of joining the premium version of Spotify so I can play music offline - although I have an unlimited data plan I mainly want to play music in my car, and I often get poor or not data signal. I have an Android HTC phone.


I'm confused as to how Spotify works - if I download music or playlists onto my phone when I'm on wifi in the house, does the track store itself on my phone, like it does with iTunes on an iPhone or iPod? Does that mean it will then behave much as an iPod does, in that I can play whatever music I have downloaded wherever I am, even offline? That sounds rather too good to be true for £10 a month with unlimited music!





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Re: Spotify Offline Mode - How does it work?

Hi @yorkshireal That's pretty much how it works. Of course any downloaded spotify music is encrypted and will only be playable while you have an active premium subscription but it is definitely awesome value :)

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Re: Spotify Offline Mode - How does it work?

Ah that makes sense! Thanks a lot for that Joe!



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Re: Spotify Offline Mode - How does it work?

Quick question on my Spotify. Is my offline mode on my iPhone separate from my offline mode on my laptop. Should they sync? It's only allowing 30 or so songs to show up offline. Is the offline mode based on the storage space on your phone? Or are the offline mode songs stored on your server? Thank you.

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Re: Spotify Offline Mode - How does it work?

Offline mode content is stored on your device memory.

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Re: Spotify Offline Mode - How does it work?

Hi Thomas,


Offline mode works the same way on a phone as on a computer, but you can choose for each device differently which playlists or songs you want to make available for offline mode. Songs you download on your laptop aren't automatically downloaded on your phone, but the playlists are synced.

The songs are downloaded to your device storage. 

You can sync a maximum of 3,333 songs per device and stay offline for up to 30 days. Read more about Offline mode in the FAQ.

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Re: Spotify Offline Mode - How does it work?

Interesting thread.  One other question from a technical aspect...


In offline mode, if these files are embedded or watermarked with some encryption to play only with a subscription, does Spotify count all offline plays as streams when it's 'online' again and synced somehow?    I would think legally it has to as bands and artists are supposed to get some sort of royalties for streams.  


My ipod or iphone does this.  When I'm playing my Itunes library from the device only it will update on my desktop Itunes library when the devices resynces with Itunes.


Any 'know-how' out there?



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