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Spotify on mobile for free?


I use spotify on mobile and i have a free account. I put Spotify on my mobile phone and tablet and it works verry well. 

I can use the mobile app, but is it a trail? And where i can find when i must to pay for it?

It's a amazing app but to bad you must pay voor syncs with mobile and tablet 

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Re: Spotify on mobile for free?



You have trial for 24 hours. If this is not enough, providing credit card details at your another trial will be one month! No money will be charged with trial. You can cancel at any time and use your trial to the end.


Premium is 9,90 € for month and will be cahrged after trial if you want to use service. Even if you keep your subscription, trial time is total free. You will be charged for another month if you do not cancel before.


Local Premium price here

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