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Subscription cancelled

Well, that's my subscription cancelled!


If it aint working, I aint paying.


Shame because I've been a paying user since the early days, but while users are still paying, there doesn't seem to be any motivation to improve the service.


Vote with your wallets guys, they'll get things sorted or lose users. There are other services out there doing the same thing for the same price...

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Re: Subscription cancelled

What other similar services do you recommend?

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Re: Subscription cancelled

You can try Deezer.

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Re: Subscription cancelled


I cancelled yesterday as well.


Moving to Napster or Deezer.


I assume there is no way to export me playlists form Spotify to Napster/ Deezer ... right?

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Re: Subscription cancelled

Did the same yesterday. Im on windows phone and that is even worse than the android version (hard to belive, i know..)

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Re: Subscription cancelled

HELP!  I cancelled my subscription online last month, and was just charged yesterday for another month. I just went on and cancelled again. I don't see a link here where I can speak to anyone in person. How can I get my subscription cancelled so I am no longer charged for something I am not using?

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Re: Subscription cancelled



I suggest you contact support so they can help you


If you get an automated reply email telling you to check the help section or the community, you need to reply back to it.


Support usually replies within 24-48 hours.

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Re: Subscription cancelled

How do you cancel ? I'm trying so hard and the website just keeps giving me the run around
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Re: Subscription cancelled

KayMarie27 wrote:
How do you cancel ? I'm trying so hard and the website just keeps giving me the run around

Please see the article here: How to cancel your Premium subscription

Please use the search feature before posting a problem/bug/idea.
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Re: Subscription cancelled

I'm in the same boat. No easy way to contact anyone directly.

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