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"Radio" not available in mobile mode?

i love spotify. good program....i have fixed the issues of "off line" when mobile.....turns out i changed my FB password, so it was locked in on my old login.....i simply deleted the app, reloaded and FIXST!!


one thing that troubles come i can create a "Radio" station (stream music) on my desktop app, but not on my andriod mobile device? it only shows playlists.....thats what i like about Pandora, that you have your "stations" in mobile mode.


Does Spotify not offer this (Radio) feature in mobile?





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Re: "Radio" not available in mobile mode?

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Hello Terry,

Currently Radio Stations are primarily in the desktop version of Spotify. There is a post relating to this request over on our Ideas board - Here, we can track what are the most popular ideas a little easier. Add your support there!

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