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When I try to connect to Spotify through Facebookm it comes up with the error message above. 


Anyone know how to fix this?

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Re: spotify:logindelay:5000

Hi annacarton - Sounds quite strange. What happens when you log in with your 'annacarton' username and Spotify password?

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Re: spotify:logindelay:5000

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hi i have the exact same thing wen i try to log in on f book  have you ever solved yhis prob if so could you please tell me how thanks for youtime (Snip - Mod edit- email).

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Re: spotify:logindelay:5000

Hi knbroadway - Have you tried playing a track within the Facebook website? There's a 'Music' tab on the lefthand side of the FB site--just select any track. 


The app should launch with your account automatically logged in. 

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