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Gig Goer
Posts: 3
Registered: ‎11-08-2012

Can you add songs/artists to a radio station?

I just started using Spotify, but I'm finding the algorithm that picks similar music to be somewhat lacking. I started a Smashing Pumpkins radio station and it went on to play Alice in Chains. I love AIC, but I don't wan't them on that station. Next was Deftones. Again, I love the Deftones, but I don't really want them on that station. What I would like is to add 311, Silverchair, and Sublime and then have the radio station play more songs like those.


I'm looking for the power to dictate what gets played like we can with a playlist but also have it suggest things based off what I choose.

Music Fan
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Registered: ‎04-10-2012

Re: Can you add songs/artists to a radio station?

I don't have an answer.. :( I would like to do this too.. add a particular artist or song to my "alternative" radio station!!! but I can't find ho to do it anywhere.. I've googled all over the place and no answer I don't think you can.. It only ever talks about adding songs/artists to playlists! :( it would be a super cool feature if you could just right click on a song. and add it to a particular radio station, right now it only has add to play list :(

Concert Regular
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Registered: ‎01-12-2012

Re: Can you add songs/artists to a radio station?

i'm also somewhat frusterated by the lack of this feature. 


however there IS a way to control your stations a bit better. If you create a playlist with the artists you favor, you can then start a playlist based on that station. As you discover new artists in that genre, add them to the playlist and I believe it will be reflected in the station.


just what i do, have fun

Music Lover
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Registered: ‎31-03-2013

Re: Can you add songs/artists to a radio station?

This would be a great feature. I know Pandora has it. I have created a playlist which highlights the music I'd like to have, but there are many artists, and songs which are never played. I am hoping they add this option soon!

Garage Band
Posts: 27
Registered: ‎29-07-2013

Re: Can you add songs/artists to a radio station?

Can adding a song to the queue send it to the current station??  I have a wonderful Christmas station that would become even better if I could somehow add the grumpy christmas soundtrack to it, or at least some songs from it.

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