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Music Lover
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Accepted Solution

Copy HTTP Link

When I try to copy HTTP link, its just copying the text of what I want the url of, for example starred is just Starred when pasted. Can this get fixed please?

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Re: Copy HTTP Link

Where are you pasting it? If it's in a HTML box, it would most likely be a hyperlink rather than the URL. Try pasting into your address bar and see what happens.
Music Fan
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Re: Copy HTTP Link



I'm having a somewhat similar problem. I click on Copy HTTP link (or even the URI) and when I paste it to my browser or word / text edit document what is pasted is whatever else I had copied before and not the links from Spotify.


I have tried command+v and command+shift+v as well as Edit/Paste, all with the same results.


I use a Mac.


Can you help, please?




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