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Music Fan
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Registered: ‎08-12-2012

Spotify "show what I'm listening to on Facebook"



My Facebook does not seem to be registering what I am listening to.

I am from Sweden, however  I spend some months at a time studying in another country.


I've read other threads, everyone says to check the checkbox "Show what I'm listening to on Facebook", however,

I checked preferences and the checkbox doesn't even exist!


I have Premium.


What do I do?

Music Lover
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Registered: ‎20-09-2012

Re: Spotify "show what I'm listening to on Facebook"

I have the same problem, although it was triggered manually by myself. I wanted to hide a certain artist that I listen to from my playlist (as my boyfriend's mates all keep teasing me about the music I listen to!), but now that she is no longer in my top artists, I can't get that screen back. It's the little application rectangle that appears on your Facebook timeline. :smileyhappy: I love that thing, I feel like it always perfectly describes who I am hahahaha. But I can't find a button to reactivate it either! Does it exist yet? :smileyhappy:


Also thank you so much for everything you do for us already Spotify! I finally made the upgrade to Unlimited and I'm not looking back, love it!! I got to talk to Tinie Tempah as well! <3 

Music Lover
Posts: 2
Registered: ‎20-09-2012

Re: Spotify "show what I'm listening to on Facebook"



Did you know?


Please bear in mind that the Community is not an official Spotify support service. It's a place where we all help each other, whether we work for Spotify or not. So please use your discretion when using the forum.