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Spotify wont start!?

First of all, i unistalled spotify becouse of the latest update couse everytime i exited spotify it started installing. I did install the new update once but it was like spotify diden't notice that so i could install the update 100times per day if i wanted to.


To the point, i have installed it again and it works fine, BUT when i try to start it with Doubleclick the spotify icon on the desktop nothing happens! I have to start it with the (spotifysetup file --> downloading spotify --> installing spotify) and then the username/password thing shows on the desktop, it's pretty annoying.

I just want to doubleclick the icon and push login, not (reinstall) it everytime.


Help is needed!


Sorry for the english but i hope you understand :smileyhappy:

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Re: Spotify wont start!?

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yep, same problem here..



UPDATE: Ehm.. Seems to work fine now?

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Re: Spotify wont start!?

Same problem here

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Re: Spotify wont start!?



Try to reinstall the Spotify app.


Instructions can be found here, just click on your operating system:!/article/reinstallation-of-spotify

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