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Stop Spotify Automatic Startup on Windows 8

You know the deal - Spotify demands to be the first program that opens upon startup, slows down my entire computer with this task, and is just a pain in the rear end because I have to start my laptop multiple times a day and only use Spotify a few times a week.

I've read a whole bunch of help on how to edit the startup problem, but all articles are written for Windows 7 or below, and Windows 8 is a whole new interface. I've tried going to programs and clicking on Spotify, but 'uninstall' is the only option - and to be honest if this problem continues I probably will end up uninstalling it. So how do I fix this problem with the Windows 8 program?


Any help will be appreciated, thanks!

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Re: Stop Spotify Automatic Startup on Windows 8

Can you not turn it off from inside the client?
Edit > Preferences > Scroll Down > Don't open automatically.

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Re: Stop Spotify Automatic Startup on Windows 8

Checking the "don't open" option doesn't work?


Screenshot - 04_02_2014 , 19_59_49.png

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