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Why won't it let me add my own music to playlists?

I was wanting to hear I Need You To Love Me by BarlowGirl (the real version, not the acoustic version Spotify has), and I started a new playlist to add a bunch of songs I have on my computer including that one. There were 20 songs I was trying to move into the playlist, and only two songs (Lost In Love by Air Supply and Love Me Tomorrow by Chicago) transferred. No matter what I do, it won't let me put those other 18 songs into the Spotify playlist. Also, I can't find most of my own music in the "Local Files" tab. I understand that not all the music in the world will be on Spotify, and I understand why The Beatles and others aren't on there, but why can't I make a Beatles "LOVE" playlist by dragging the album into Spotify? I am a Premium user, so I don't understand why I can't add whatever song I want to my own playlists.
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Re: Why won't it let me add my own music to playlists?


You should be able to add your own tracks - What filetype are they? Are they stored on your computer or on an external hard drive?
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