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Blue Dot. What does it means?



I just noticed something in one of the playlists i subscribed to. In the same column I usually see the Star-Status (the very left one) there is a light blue dot instead of the star beneath some songs. What does that means?

Thanks for all awnsers.


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Re: Blue Dot. What does it means?

The blue dots indicate songs that have been newly added. They won't show up next time you open the playlist.

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Music Lover
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Re: Blue Dot. What does it means?

All right, thank you :)

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Re: Blue Dot. What does it means?

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I'm still seeing blue dots from songs added 12 days ago. I have played this playlist and these songs many times since they were added. I have even "saved" one of them. Either there is a bug in the Mac client or this is not what the blue dot represents.


EDIT - Apparently restarting the Mac client is not enough to make the dot go away. I have been able to make it go away by navigating to another playlist and then back. I swear the same blue dots were there yesterday for these songs which were added 12 days ago and I have listened to other playlists today, which means I have nativated away and back.

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Re: Blue Dot. What does it means?

I have the same problem. I have listened these songs yesterday already but today the blue dots are there again.. Is this a bug?

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