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Firewall / Proxy settings ?


Hi guys, I do like spotify and use it everywhere from my laptop... as long as there is no enforced firewall/proxy over the LAN. So from home all is OK, when traveling sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. All I get is the folowing:


10:06:09.870 I [ap:1754] Connecting to AP
10:06:14.873 E [ap:1692] AP Socket Error: Timeout reached (20000)
10:06:14.873 E [ap:4090] Connection error:  117
10:06:14.873 I [ap:1754] Connecting to AP
10:06:19.878 E [ap:1692] AP Socket Error: Timeout reached (20000)
10:06:19.878 E [ap:4090] Connection error:  117
10:06:19.878 I [ap:1754] Connecting to AP
10:06:24.883 E [ap:1692] AP Socket Error: Timeout reached (20000)


Anyway to setup LAN parameters for spotify ? I am a Linux/UNIX man, never used W.....s and don't want to touch it :smileymad: so any help is more than welcome !


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Re: Firewall / Proxy settings ?

I guess you already know that, but did you try to setup the environment variable http_proxy to the proxy of your choice?

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Re: Firewall / Proxy settings ?

I don't know what version you have of spotify but in the new version I have (1: give you an option to setup proxy settings in the properities section:


  • Open Spotify
  • Go to Edit >> Properties 
  • Scroll down until you see the 'Proxy' section

Screenshot of the proxy section:


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Re: Firewall / Proxy settings ?

If your having a problem with the connection going offline and online this worked for me



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