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Re: High quality streaming

FLAC streaming would be awesomely nice to have. I'd even pay more than $10/month for this level of quality. Provided Spotify keeps making high quality native clients, though. I'm not paying anything for a lame web client.

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Re: High quality streaming

Yes, Spotify make all the information available to you.

Just have a read at the FAQ page here.



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Re: High quality streaming

Thanks, Peter. Here's the info if anyone wants to discuss further:


We use the Ogg Vorbis format for streaming. There are three quality ratings that we use:

  • q3(~96 kbps)
    • Spotify mobile "Low bandwidth" setting
  • q5(~160 kbps)
    • Spotify Desktop standard streaming quality
    • Spotify Mobile "High quality" setting
  • q9(~320 kbps)
    • Spotify Desktop "High bitrate" setting available with Spotify Premium
    • Spotify Mobile "Extreme quality" setting (currently only iOS and Android)

In the mobile apps, you can choose separate quality ratings for streaming and synching.


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