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How can i share my starred tracks playlist?

i have starred a bunch of tracks.  i go into that playlst, and click share.  my friend, got a msg saying that i want to share my playlist w/ her.. but when she opened it, there were 0 tracks?!  how can i share my starred tracks?

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Re: How can i share my starred tracks playlist?

It looks like there is an oversight in the way Spotify works here.


The URI to a user's starred list is always: spotify:user:username:starred


Unlike a standard playlist, which has a random ID, it is possible to gain the URI to anyone's starred list. Consequently, the starred list won't show its contents to another user unless it has been published by the owner.


I think we should make this clearer (It actually took me some time to work out what was going on in your case).


You have 2 options:


  1. Publish your starred list (in their Social Profile in Edit mode). You may not want their Starred list publicly visible though.
  2. Copy your Starred list (Highlight all tracks and drag into a new playlist). You can then share that new playlist.






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Re: How can i share my starred tracks playlist?

how do you highlight all the tracks?
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Re: How can i share my starred tracks playlist?

Hey :)


You can highlight all the tracks very quickly by selecting a track on the playlist and then pressing Ctrl+a together on your keyboard.



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