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Increasing the gap between songs on Spotify

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I know this may sound like some ridiculous request, however, is there any way to configure/increase the gap between songs to something stupid like one minute or something?


I say this because although there are some albums that need to be played gapless (and I do appreciate them that way :)) there are some songs that need a minute or so between them. Mainly because it adds to the effect, and mainly because the silence gives me time to actually do some work.


Many regards, loyal Spotify premium user!


Edit: Well, I know that I can do something really convoluted like record a one minute track of nothing and manually place them between tracks, but short of using the API to programatically do that sort of thing - I don't really want to do that :)

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Re: Increasing the gap between songs on Spotify

Currently not - Although maybe a certain track by John Cage might provide?

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