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Lazify help

Hi !
Is it just me or that app(lazify) is gone ?
What can i do to get it back ? :(


PS. i think i already posted it but i can't see the toppic on forum

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Re: Lazify help

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I found that i can put it back from the lazify site..
it works but..still..its not under spotify apps for me ...

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Re: Lazify help

I have the same issue... might someone help?

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Re: Lazify help

Lazify do appear to be having some issues recently, they tweeted about it: 

Hopefully it will be fixed soon! 




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Re: Lazify help

10 hours --- haha .. i just switch to groveshark -- you are crazy

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Re: Lazify help

I want to know if this happens for anyone else: I use Lazify to make a playlist around a 30 Seconds to Mars song. Every single tme, three songs show up, all 30 Seconds to Mars songs. Anybody else having this problem?

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Re: Lazify help

Same problem here, no lazify on the left side menu anymore. Have been tried to reinstall it from the lazify site but no luck, lazify still gone..Any ideas?

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