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People List Not Showing Up

My "People" list is not showing my friends who are also connected to Spotify through facebook.

I have made sure that I am connected to Spotify through facebook and I still have the same problem.

Any thoughts?

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Re: People List Not Showing Up

its probably one of these problems:

1: when you updated (sometimes it does it when you restart the program) windows firewall blocked some features of the program from contacting the internet.  type "firewall" into your windows search bar, open up windows firewall and have it accept all the connections for spotify. then restart your computer.

2. you don't have it synced with facebook. its really easy to sync it. just sign in with facebook.

3. you updated to the new crap ass version.  you can dowload an older version. works great for me

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Re: People List Not Showing Up

why do I have to connect my facebook account with spotify to be able to share tracks w/ my friends!? It worked flawless previously..!

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Re: People List Not Showing Up

What platform are you using @xkm ? 

Its a known issue on the mobile application which appears to be related to how the follow functionality is being introduced. 

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Re: People List Not Showing Up

I'm using the latest version of the iOS app for iPhone.

The messages with shared tracks does appear on my OS X Spotify app how ever. So I can send tracks from my laptop but I and others can't share through the iOS app to/from my account.

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