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Public playlist?

Hi. I have a spotify account with Facebook, and also a normal spotify account that I use in school as I can't access my FaceBook one there on the web player. I want to listen to the same playlist on my spotify as my FaceBook, as creating playlist on the web player is abit of a pain in the ass, however whenever I search for my playlist, I can't find it, even after trying specific playlist name. However, my FaceBook says that it is public. but why can't I find my playlists?

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Re: Public playlist?

Hey! Welcome to the community :) 


Easiest thing to do is to sign into your account which contains the playlist, right click on the playlist name (in the desktop client this is) and select "Copy Spotify URI". Then log out, log into your other account, paste that URI into the main Spotify search box, it should load your playlist (regardless of privacy settings), and you can hit the "Follow" button which will move it into your playlists on that account. 


Then when you sign into the web player it should be there in your playlists for you. 



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Re: Public playlist?

Thank you so so much!! :-)

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