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Release Notes - Spotify for Desktop 0.9.4

It's time for another update.


What's new with this release (0.9.4):

  • A new app for messages!
    this is gradually rolling out, so don't fret if you don't see a change right away
  • When re-starting Spotify your last playlist position will now be available
  • More languages!
  • Proxy authentication support for views
  • Linux only: Media key support in Gnome
    Coming soon!
  • Stability and performance fixes
  • Fixed a lot of crashes, especially on shutdown/log out
  • Fixed crash when adding tracks to large playlists

Additional technical notes:
The Desktop application uses the "Chromium Embedded Framework" (CEF), which is a way to include the functionality of a web browser (based on Chrome) in the application - this enables us to develop features in modern programming languages and gives us the possibility to fix issues faster.

This update includes a major upgrade, from CEF1 to CEF3.

CEF 1 was "single process" and if it got stuck doing something - the whole application would "suffer."
CEF 3 is a "multi process" version - this means it can do more things at the same time, and if any single thing that it is doing slows down, the rest of the application can continue normally.
CEF 3 also allows us to use hardware acceleration on graphics cards - like the latest browsers, it basically uses the computer's hardware both smarter and faster. Users should see much smoother performance in areas that are graphics intensive, like scrolling through long lists.

What is worth mentioning though is that this is a major "under the hood" change (techies may be interested in reading more on
Also, there's always a risk of unexpected issues with such "big" changes, but we are sure that it's the right thing for us to do - and hopefully our users will understand that they will get a much improved experience thanks to this.

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Re: Release Notes - Spotify for Desktop 0.9.4

[ Edited ]

A few days ago I was able to replicate the bug in where dragging tracks into a playlist crashes.  Right-Click, no problem.  While in the process of checking another idea, I JUST received the update and installed it, fresh new install in Sandboxie.


Had to wait for all my playlists to load, but the program was responsive while doing so, a welcome change from

Nearly all my settings were saved in preferences.


Still no album or album graphics support  No filter in the artist pages either.  CRAP.  These two shortcomings definitely keep me from updating for usage on a day-to-day normal usage.


Artist pages still bright white.  No biggie.


They've killed off What's New once and for all.  "spotify:app:home" opens Discover.  What's New still working on 0.8.3.


Software became unresponsive once I got to an artist page [playlists are not finished loading].

Waiting for playlists to load before attempting to drag music to existing playlist.


Confirm Delete Playlist is back, both with right-click and delete key.




Gonna check out the other noted changes later this evening.

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Re: Release Notes - Spotify for Desktop 0.9.4

Lots of kudos for the Spotify dev team!! This update makes the Spotify desktop app into a touch-friendly app, great integration with Windows touch devices! Thank you!! How hard would it be to make the app maximize and resize when pressing WIN LOGO + RIGHT ARROW and WIN LOGO + UP ARROW?? Great update, great performance.
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Re: Release Notes - Spotify for Desktop 0.9.4

Well i'm still happily sticking to version 0.8.5 thank you kindly as all updated versions since are far less superior than the old version. 

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Re: Release Notes - Spotify for Desktop 0.9.4

Everything works fine, except for one thing. I have a very annoying problem that started yesterday after I updated Spotify to the newest version. Even though the "Repeat" button is off the playlists wont's stop playing, they just repeat themselves after the last track. I tried restarting the program and reinstalled it but the problem did not disappear.

Any ideas? Thank you in advance.

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Re: Release Notes - Spotify for Desktop 0.9.4

[ Edited ]

I can confirm, the repeat feature is broken. Not a big deal to me personally since I always enable repeat, but hopefully it will be fixed in the next release.

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Re: Release Notes - Spotify for Desktop 0.9.4

kiewic wrote:
How hard would it be to make the app maximize and resize when pressing WIN LOGO + RIGHT ARROW and WIN LOGO + UP ARROW?? Great update, great performance.

Aero snap used to work, I'd say it's been broken for over a year and a half at this point, nearly two years.


They show no signs of wanting to make it work again.    It's pretty annoying for a modern windows app.

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Re: Release Notes - Spotify for Desktop 0.9.4

I can't remember a time aero snap ever worked for me. 

Agreed, it is pretty annoying - I constantly tap the Spotify window off the top of my screen expecting it to maximise. 


If you haven't already done so, add your kudos to this ideas topic too



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Re: Release Notes - Spotify for Desktop 0.9.4

Thanks for the update :)


But Spotify still doesn't save/remember how  the playlists are sorted, i.e. after newest added. (Version on Win8 Pro 64bit). When you close the program you have to start sorting again. A bit annoying :S

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Re: Release Notes - Spotify for Desktop 0.9.4

Spotify is crashing after installing the update every time i try to play a song (doesn't matter if its offline song or streaming). My system is: MacProRetina with 10.8.5. (latest version). I didn't have any problems before. would be great to get feedback.

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