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Search errors

Hi. What´s happening with Spotify?? I´m an Spoti user since a lot of years ago, and lately I´m finding a lot of errors when i search for a band. (I posted another one a few weeks ago).

Now I´m searching fot The Doors, and I get this.

I´ve loged off and the same happens.


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Re: Search errors

Could it be that The Doors aren't available in your country maybe? Does this album play for you?

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Re: Search errors

Yes, it works perfectly, but when I click on The Doors in the heaer, it returns the same first result. It´s very strange. :O

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Re: Search errors

Looks like it might be a page caching issue. 


Might be worth a quick log out and back in again, or a clean reinstallation of the app if that doesn't work. 



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