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Accepted Solution

[Windows] Troubleshooting Spotify

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Are you having trouble with Spotify on Windows?


There are several parts to identifying, solving and forwarding issues:


A. Use the Search function!
You’re having some trouble with Spotify? Maybe someone already has an answer.

  1. Search the forums
    - Perhaps you’re not the first to encounter this issue and someone else has already found a solution

B. Troubleshooting
- Trying basic common solutions to see if you can solve the problem on your own

  1. Either you find a solution to the problem or
  2. Troubleshooting didn’t work, now comes

C. Reproducing the issue
- Describing in as much detail as possible what steps anyone can take to see the same issue you are seeing


D. Reporting your issue
- Post on the forum to provide us with all the details


E. Internal escalation
- We gather your feedback and send it to our internal teams who will try to follow your steps to reproduce the issue and find a fix, where applicable


F. If it can be resolved it will be in a future update of the Spotify client


A. Use the Search function!

  1. Log in on the Community site:
  2. Locate the green Search button on the right
  3. Type some keywords pertinent to your specific issue and search
  4. Either you’ll find (an) existing topic(s) which you can join to read and post, or
  5. Continue to B


B. Troubleshooting
Please follow the below troubleshooting steps to see if you can resolve the issue on your own

  1. If you're using windows 8, try running the official Compatibility Troubleshooter, as described by Microsoft here.
  2. Make sure that Spotify is no longer running (File > Exit)
  3. Uninstall Spotify:
    XP: Start > Settings > Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs > Spotify
    Vista/Win7: Start > Control Panel > Programs / Uninstall a Program > Spotify
    Windows 8: Right-click in the bottom left corner, click Control Panel, then open Programs and Features, select Spotify and uninstall
  4. Find your AppData folder and remove all Spotify data. (This will remove all downloaded content)
    Start, run, type: %appdata% and hit enter
    You probably see 4 folders; enter each and see if they contain a folder called Spotify. Remove the entire Spotify folder.
  5. Restart your computer at this point.
  6. Reinstall Spotify (download)
  7. If you're having connection issues, please also check our connection troubleshooting tips.
  8. If the issue remains, go to C


C. Reproducing the issue

There's a template below; please add as much info as possible, then go to D





Replace this with a short description of the issue you're experiencing.


A more detailed description, using numbered steps

1. First I did this

2. Then I did that

3. I also did this

4. then this

5. then this

6. and finally, this


What I expected to happen

This is what I expected to happen


What actually happened

This is what happened instead.


My Operating System

(Press Windows key+pause or on your desktop right-click My Computer, then click Properties)

E.g. Windows XP, Vista, 7, Windows 8 Pro, etc.


Is your Operating System 32 or 64 bit?

This will also be shown in the window in the previous point


Do you have a Service Pack installed?

(On the same page where it says what Windows version you have it will also mention Service Pack, followed by a number.)

E.g. Service Pack 1, Service Pack 2, Service Pack 3, etc.


My Spotify version



My internet provider and country

Eg. KPN, Tele2 or Telia, Sweden


Did you do a clean install of your current Windows version or did you upgrade from a previous version?

if you upgraded, which version did you upgrade from?


My username

To find this, click on your name at the top left of this site (next to where it says "Log out") then click Overview.


Do you have any screenshots you can attach to more clearly explain your issue?

If so, please paste them here




D. Reporting your issue

  1. Log in on the Community site:
  2. Locate the appropriate help section for your specific issue in the “Help Forums”
  3. Start a new topic and paste all the info from C

E. Internal escalation
Someone from CS/Community will be along fairly quickly to find and gather your feedback, which we send to our internal teams who will try to follow your steps to reproduce the issue and find a fix, where applicable

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Local Files Troubleshooting

If your local files aren't playing (local files are marked with a music note icon), try the following troubleshooting steps:


-- Click Local Files on the left side of Spotify and delete all tracks. Then reimport them again from Preferences.

-- Update/install QuickTime from here.

-- Make sure the file isn't DRM-protected. Here’s how. If the track was bought from iTunes, open iTunes and check for "Protected AAC" in the "type" column.

-- A clean reinstallation.

-- Update your codec pack here [external download].


For common support questions, see
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General Playback Troubleshooting

If you’re getting error messages in the 100s, tracks stopping, or tracks not starting, try the following:


-- Check your connection is strong, unrestricted and able to stream from other places, e.g. Netflix, Hulu.

-- Check your firewall settings.

-- Check @SpotifyStatus for service updates.

-- Perform a clean reinstallation.


 If the problem persists, create a new thread listing the steps you've tried so far. Feel free to use to keep the music going in the meantime.


For common support questions, see
To judge my musical taste, check out my
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