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help desk

Please fix my account!! I cant listen to music except the radio!!!
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Re: help desk

Montoya13 wrote:
Please fix my account!! I cant listen to music except the radio!!!

Hi, and welcome to the community!


Is this on a mobile device? You must be premium for on demand mobile streaming.

Have you tried a clean reinstall of Spotify? Try reinstalling from this link:


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Re: help desk



I've deleted spotify from my phone and I'm still getting charged $10.81. Can we please do something about this. I don't want to be charged anymore. Thanks

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Re: help desk

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Spotify will not open start then reverts bask to yahoo within 4-5 seconds???


Alec Slinde


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Re: help desk

Hi @alekin_1,


What do you mean by reverts back to yahoo?

Does a full reinstallation help for you? 

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