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"Choose playlist as current playlist" with empty playlist, odd error message.

On OSX Mountain Lion I was playing a song I found through the search feature. I ctrl+clicked an empty playlist and selected "Choose as current playlist".

I expect the rest of my song to play and the rest of the search results to be removed from the upcoming play queue. This all happens as planned, however, an unusual error message appears.

"This track is not available. If you have the file on your computer you can import it."

This doesn't interrupt my listening experience but the error message implies a problem that doesn't exist. The Error message goes away when I select another track to play. The bug seems to be aesthetic only as there is nothing abnormal I can do with the error message.


Expected behavior:
No error message when attempting to choose empty playlist as current playlist

Repro steps:
Create a new playlist, leave the default name and press enter, ctrl-click (right-click) the newly created playlist and select "Choose as Current Playlist"


Add menu item: Playback -> Advanced -> Pause/Stop after current song


Use cases:

Using a playlist to collate tracks (podcasts, long running live tracks), want playback to stop after current track, using workaround in lieu of complicating functionality

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Re: "Choose playlist as current playlist" with empty playlist, odd error message.

Just a thought - if you had the option to show unplayable tracks enabled, maybe you would have seen that the playlist wasn't empty but contained greyed-out tracks which aren't available in your country or were added as local files?

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Re: "Choose playlist as current playlist" with empty playlist, odd error message.

This is a known bug which has been reported over on this topic relating to an error message when you select a blank playlist as the current one. 



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