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Horrible update [0.8.8]

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Spotify took many steps backward with the update to the Windows version released about a week ago and I have gone from from very happy to considering canceling my subscription.  To the best of my memory, here are the problems I've found:


1.  The track count in a playlist only updates after going to a different playlist and coming back to that playlist.

2.  The artwork in the header of a playlist only updates after closing and reopening Spotify.  This may be intentional and not a bug per se, but after getting used to the artwork updating automatically as the playlist changed, it definitely feels like it's not working properly to me.

3. You cannot drag a song from an album to a playlist while on the artist page - only while on a playlist, when viewing an album, or in search results.  I'm pretty sure this has already been reported, but I wanted to mention it again.

4. I would like to see the playlist play time brought back.  Enhancement suggestion: when the play time reaches over a day, continue to show the hours and minutes in addition to days.

5. The album release year no longer shows on an album page.  Even though it's not always correct, it's nice to be able to see this without having to view the entire artist page.

6. The albums on artist pages are no longer sorted by year and sometimes seem fairly randomly sorted.

7. Filtering no longer is an option on artist pages.  If an artist has dozens of albums available, it's nice to be able to filter to one specific album.  Another example is filtering for a certain song to see what/how many albums it is on.  I know both of these can mostly be accomplished via a normal search, but it is often more efficient to filter on the artist page.

8.  On searches, the results are no longer grouped by song if the song is on multiple albums by the same artist.  This was a nice feature since it somewhat decluttered the results list.  Also, now if you want a certain version of a song you have to do a bit more work to find the album you want.

9.  This isn't a bug, and this has also been mentioned by a couple other users, but the white on white/grey on artist pages and searches is very hard on the eyes and it should be a user preference option to go back to the old color scheme.

10.  The boxes containing albums on artist or album pages are a bit too small and often song titles are cut off.  Since there is no ability to resize the width nor is there tiptext, you can't see the the full title of some songs unless you put the song(s) into a playlist.

11. The blank space in the now playing box at the bottom left corner no longer does anything when clicked.  It would previously return you to the currently playing playlist/album.  This feature only works now when clicking the artwork, but if your artwork is always the minimized version, you have a very narrow area in which to click since you have to avoid clicking the maximize button.

12. Spotify is very sluggish when first launching.  At the point when it seems like it has finished loading, if I start clicking on things, it locks up for a few seconds.  If I wait about 15 seconds after it seems to have finished loading, it is not a problem.  I can't recall how long it took to be usable when opening the program before this update, but it was not nearly this long.

That's all I can think of at the moment, but I'll add more if I remember/find any additional problems.  The one positive thing I can say about the update is that the ability to follow artists is something I have wanted for a while, so good work there.  However, I might have stuck with the "subscribe" naming, because Grooveshark uses Follow/Followers for the same concept.  I do have an enhancement suggestion regarding following: the ability to differentiate artists or users that you are following/being followed by (i.e. sorting or different tabs for each).  As the list of following/followers grows, it will be increasingly difficult to find your friends in a sea of bands.


I hope to see many if not all of these issues fixed in the near future, or at the very least user preferences for the major functionality changes.  If not, while my actual listening experience may not have changed, my usability experience will be very much diminished.


Moderator Update 1:

We've posted an update with some of the changes that we're making, based on your feedback:


Update 2:

We've now released v0.8.8.450 of the app, which contains many minor fixes. Importantly, 'drag and drop' functionality is now restored on artist pages. Please upgrade when prompted to get the latest version.


Update 3:

This thread is now locked. We've posted a final update here with links to where you can carry on the discussion. 


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List of flaws in the new update

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Agree with every point you've mentioned.

To be honest, this update didn't feel like an upgrade for me either.


Here's an updated version of everything that could be better in the new version:

(Some issues are fixed in the newest version - you can get it here)


I. Design & Layout


     1. White background in Artist/Album/Search view

         Too bright for the eyes – Inconsistent to old grey elements – Harder to read

          Ideas: Customizing of skins - Change the white interface.

          The idea's status is now "Under Consideration".

     2. New pages are web-based

          Longer time to display (slower navigation) for most users – loading errors for some users

          Idea: Revert to native app, or at least provide an option for one

          If the artist pages are slower for you - press the "Me too" button in this topic.

          Version seems to be faster/uses less memory. So far no crashes. (unconfirmed)

     3. Star albums at Artist view is no longer possible

          Idea: [0.8.8] Starring an album on artist page
     4. No different versions for an album on Artist view anymore

         You can only show them in Album view.

     5. The release date of an album is no longer shown in Album view next to the album

          The year is only shown really small next to the label under the songs.

          Idea: Make album year more prominent

     6. The title section on album/artist page is too small

          Long titles are often cut off and there’s not even a tooltip to show the whole title.

          Version has bigger title fields again

     7. Local files that are missing on Spotify are no longer displayed in artist view

         You have to search for this specific, missing album to view it.

     8. Playing tracks from top tracks in artist view don’t give you the little speaker symbol next to the song anymore

          Fixed in version
     9. Top tracks in Artist page don’t have a star icon/popularity bar anymore

          Idea: Top title list has no more stars

          Version has a star icon at top tracks again

   10. Playlists in profile are no longer sorted by public/private but just displayed as 1 long list

          Idea: Secret, public & subscribed Playlists toggle view in 'profile'

   11. Album artwork is bigger on artist page which results in less space for the song title

          Idea: [0.8.8] Album artwork on Artist pages is too Large

          Version has more space for the title field

          If you use Spotify not maximized/on a small screen, the artwork will automatically become smaller on version

   12. Small album covers in local tracks/library/playlists are no longer available (since version 0.9.0)


II. Basic functionality


     1. Total playlist time is gone

         Idea: Bring back total playlist length

         The idea's status is now under "Watch this space".

     2. From artist page you can’t drag a song to a playlist anymore

         This got acknowledged as bug here.

         Fixed in version

     3. Filter on artist page is no longer possible

         Idea: Bring back the filter option on album / artist pages

         A developer said they will bring it back here and the status got changed to "Watch this space".

     4. Blank space in the “Now playing” box no longer directs to the current song position

         Only a click on the album cover works now.

        Ideas: Click Artist/Song-Title bar to go to song

     5. Clicking on the album art directs you to your scroll position on the album page but not the song position

         Idea: Pressing song's artwork should direct you to the song.

         This got acknowledged as bug here.

         Fixed in version 0.9.0

     6. You can no longer shuffle/repeat the whole catalogue on artist page

         It just repeats/shuffle in the album/top list you are currently in.

         Idea: Bring back play all songs by artist

         The idea's status is now "Under Consideration".

         Fixed in version 0.9.0

     7. Playing an album on album view will not stop after the last song but go to the first song of the next album

         Related idea: [0.8.8] Stop playing when album ends

         Fixed in version

     8. Ctrl/Cmd + A doesn't work anymore on Artist page to easily mark all songs

     9. Clicking on an artist in the related artist view and afterwards clicking on "back" returns you to the original artist page
         After clicking "back" you should return again to the position you scrolled to in the related artist page like in 0.8.5.

         Idea: Put 'Related Artists' page back into navigation history


III. Social


     1. Friends don’t get displayed on the friends list automatically anymore

         You have to follow the friends that you want to see there.

         Idea: Allow Greater Control Over Content Displayed in the Activity Feed

     2. Friends don’t get displayed in a compact list anymore at the people list

         Makes it harder to share music. - You don't see the exact time when a friend has listened to a song anymore.

         The possibility to mark a friend as "favorite" is gone. - The profile picture got replaced with album art of the song.

         Ideas: Go back to the old activity feed - Favorite Functionality in the Activity Feed - Activity Feed Timestamp (Recency)

     3. You can no longer see all your friends in the Follow tab

         Idea: Ability to View All Facebook Friends in Follow Tab

     4. You no longer have an overview of your playlist subscribers

         You are presented with just 3 pictures of subscribers, no way to show a list of them.

         Idea: Ability to View All playlist followers

     5. The "Who to follow" recommendations seem pretty random and don't fit to the own music taste

         Idea: Personalised Who to Follow notifications


IV. Others


     1. Track count and playlist picture don’t update automatically in playlist anymore

     2. Not playable tracks are still counting for the number of tracks in the playlist
         Artists of those tracks will also show up in description of the playlist ("Including artists: ...")

     3. Some users report albums are no longer in the right order (unconfirmed)

     4. Some users report playlist sorting options are not saved

         This got acknowledged as bug here.

     5. Some users report album covers don't show properly, often there's just a replacer (unconfirmed)

         When you actually play the song with the missing album cover, the cover will be displayed immediately.

     6. Delete playlist confirmation window is gone

         With 1 click your playlist can be deleted now if you press the wrong button.

         Fixed in the version

     7. Idea to roll back to the old version 0.8.5: here.

         The idea's status got changed to "Not right now"

     8. Some users report that the playlist filter doesn't work properly anymore

         After you press Ctrl/Cmd + F in playlist, the filter bar shows up but no field to type in

         This got acknowledged as bug here.

     9. Screenreaders (used by blind people) don't work anymore on the web-based artist/album/search pages (topic)

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Re: Horrible update

I couldn't agree more. Can I go back to the previous version? Will there ever be a specific forum for Spanish speaking users?

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Re: Horrible update

jw1985 wrote:

6. The albums on artist pages are no longer sorted by year and sometimes seem fairly randomly sorted.

Could you link me to an example? Everything I've seen looks fine so far...

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Re: Horrible update

Well of course the sorting seems to work now.  I can't find an example where it's broken now, but for the last week I noticed that several artist pages had the albums in approximately the right order but one random album that wasn't the most recent would be at the top.  I thought it might have been the most popular one or something like that.  But again, I can't find a broken one right now.

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Re: Horrible update

Yes and you can't search from album page or artist page.

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Re: Horrible update

Also just noticed: The local files are no longer displayed in the artist view.

So even if you have the album that's missing in the discography, it isn't shown there.

You have to search it and can view it at the album page though... or at the local files/library.

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Re: Horrible update

I agree with every point. The Spotify client took an enormous step backwards with this latest update. The new version is dysfunctional, abhorrent and ugly. I'd like to be able to use the previous version of the client. Would someone from Spotify tell their *paying customers* how to do this.


And I would add that this sort of disrespectful behavior on the part of Spotify is sure to alienate paying customers. When Apple gets their streaming music solution together, it's just more reason to leave. Why does it seem so hard for Spotify management to be nice to their paying customers? From automatically creating Facebook accounts without the customer's knowledge or approval to making the client unenjoyable to use... why? Offering good value and getting paid for it is so simple, so easy. Why do all this dumb stuff instead? It's a continuous stream of "WTF" instead of "here's more good stuff for our loyal customers".

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Re: Horrible update

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Can you please tell me and the rest of the community members that abhor the new client how to download the last version so we can use it instead of this terrible new downgrade?


I don't want to use it. I pay you guys $120/yr for a working client. This new client is hardly that.





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Re: Horrible update

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The problem is, once Spotify upgraded to the newest version - you can't go back.

Even if you get the installer of the last version, Spotify would just auto-update after each new start.


There is an idea here to disable the auto-update.


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