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Spotify on Philips Fidelio speakers

I have been a free Spotify user since invitation, I have recently bought some Philips Fidelio speakers and decided to take the plunge and pay £5 a month to get access through my speakers, this has not worked and I am guessing that a Premium Account £10 a month will be required. Not that that information is particularly visible anywhere. Is it the case that a Premium account is required?


I have signed up for Free Unlimited trial with Napster, then £5 a month, they allows this option. 

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Re: Spotify on Philips Fidelio speakers

Hey! Welcome to the community :) 


Yes, Spotify Premium is required to use Spotify on any mobile or partner devices. 



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Re: Spotify on Philips Fidelio speakers

Okay, thanks for the information. Mine will be a short subscription then, £10 a month is out my budget.

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