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Spotify Web PLayer

You should make the web player available for offline mode, like Deezer, this would be great.

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Re: Spotify Web PLayer

Hey ed42! This sounds like a good idea but I feel like there are complications that could easily come up since it is a web player...but that's just me, xD.


You should suggest your idea here to see what others think!

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Re: Spotify Web PLayer

With HTML5 you can easily make web apps work offline with application cache. In Spotify's case the challenge is of course bigger since they would have to support offline playlists and local files first, for it to be useful.
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Re: Spotify Web PLayer

Hi all!


As olejon says, it is very possible with HTML five and the utilisation of cookies etc.; but the web player is still in beta, so not all the planned features are implemented yet. I don't work for Spotify, so I can't tell you whether it is planned, but as MikeyBoi suggested, you can submit this as an idea to the ideas thread of the community; and once it gets enough Kudos, it will be reviewed by Spotify :smileyhappy:



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