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Web player not working?

My web player does not work. 


I login online and none of the buttons down the left take me to a new screen. 


It just stays on the home screen with the green play button in the middle.


I have tried logging in/out, restarting computer many times but no difference.


I dont know if this is relevant but the spotify symbol at the top left is grey?


I am also having problems with my mac desktop app - the discover feature will not load and the home screen has disappeared?


Using Mac 10.8.4

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Re: Web player not working?

Same here - despite the status update on Twitter saying earlier problems with the system have been resolved.  (I'm also on Mac; also using 10.8.4.)

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Re: Web player not working?

This is the same behaviour found in this post. I think the twitter status was related to another issue, not this one.


Other users (me included) are having this same problem.

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Re: Web player not working?

I'm on windows and I'm having a similar problem.


When I log on I get a blank screen with nothing there. I can only see the side bar... but none of the options pop up. I can only see the logo at the top.


I've tried refreshing the page and nothing seems to fix it.


This started happening to me a few days ago when it had ben working before.


I don't really have any idea why it started to do this in the first place...


Any suggestions?

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