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Spotify Connect?

hi, I'm trying to work out how to use spotify connect but seem a bit stumped. I wanna to control my ipad from my iphone but the two don't seem to 'connect'. Both have the latest versions of ios7 and spotify loaded and when I go to click on the 'connect' button it only gives me a volume bar for that device and not a list of devices that i can connect to... Is there something im doing wrong here, or is this not supposed to work quite yet. any ideas appreciated!!



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Re: Spotify Connect?

Same here, I only get my airplay devices (2 Apple TVs) in the list. I've tried with different iPhones and iPads as well without result... Why is this?

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Re: Spotify Connect?

Hi all,


Anybody out there using spotify connect on two iDevices? Is it working? How?



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Re: spotify Connect?

[ Edited ]

I have the same or similar problem here, instead of the "spotify connect" logo (green speaker icon surrounded by a circle) I get the normal speaker volume icon. Both my iOS devices have the version


Any news on this topic?

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Re: Spotify Connect?

Spotify Connect is just another rolling-out-wait-till-the-end-of-time feature ;-) nobody knows when it will be available.
It would be great to have official updates on this matter from a qualified source
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Re: Spotify Connect?

its already available, me girlfriend has it working between her ipad mini and iphone 4s.

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Re: Spotify Connect?

Well I'm a spotify premium user and I don't have that feature. It' a rolling out feature. Someday I'll be a lucky user like you ;-)
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Re: Spotify Connect?

me too - I have premium subscription and hoping to use my iphone as a remote for ipad and vice versa - no luck yet :-(


is there some kind of staged rollout ?  is it per country or what ?

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Re: Spotify Connect?

I guess I don't even see in my account.. Or am I delusional about it.
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Re: Spotify Connect?

I don't appear to have it either. According to what I have been able to find out, it should be available on iPhone and iPad now, but it doesn't work for me. Waiting to hear back from the Spotify team to see what they think!



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